Adopted August 31, 2009 


  1. 1.1 The name of this organization shall be the Peach County Democratic Committee.

Governing Authority and Duties 

2.1 The Committee shall be the governing authority of the Democratic Party in Peach County. 

2.2 Duties of the Committee shall be:

  • To promote development of Party organizations and activities; 
  • To project a positive, proactive image of the Democratic Party in local County affairs; 
  • To seek and encourage qualified candidates for public office; 
  • To support Democratic nominees; 
  • To perform such primary and election functions as required by law; 
  • To maintain appropriate records and reports as required in a timely manner; 
  • To promote and add logistical support to the State Affirmative Action Program; 
  • To raise funds for the above purposes; 
  • To perform such other duties as may be required by the State Committee; 
  • To elect State Committee members; and 
  • To determine Party Districts and Apportionment. 

Membership, Committee Districts, and Election of Members 

3.1 Any person over the age of 18, who resides in and is registered to vote in Peach County, and who shall declare himself or herself to be a member of the Democratic Party, shall be entitled to membership in the Democratic Party of Peach County.

3.2 Any member of the Peach County Democratic Party, who has attended 50 percent of the meetings during the past year and is current in their dues, is eligible to be elected to the committee. If a potential committee member was active in special Peach County Democratic events (elections, campaigning) the above can be waived. If a potential candidate is new to the County, the above maybe waived. If the only attendees from a District do not meet the above criteria, the criteria may be waived.

3.3 The Committee shall have four (4) districts coinciding with County Commission districts with two (2) members per district and two (2) at large members. 

3.4 Election of Committee Members.

3.4.1 One-half of the district committee posts (odd numbered) shall be elected in Gubernatorial election years and one-half (even numbered) shall be elected in Presidential election years. 

3.4.2 Committee members are to be elected by Party District Caucus. 

3.4.3 Only party members in good standing can be elected to the committee.

3.4.4 Such Caucus shall be held within 45 days following the General Primary. If the Committee does not officially set a time and place, the Congressional District Chair shall set the time and place of the Caucus. 

3.4.5 Public notice of the election shall be given by posting the notice in a prominent place in the County Courthouse and by publishing the same in a newspaper of general circulation in the County at least two weeks preceding the closing of qualifications for such office.

3.4.6 Only Peach County Democratic Party members, who reside in a particular County Commission District, may vote for a Member from that District. 

3.4.7 The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected without the necessity of a run-off. 

3.4.8 The County Committee Chair shall appoint chairs of Party District Caucuses. 

3.5 Members shall take office on the 1st day of the 1st month in calendar year following election in November or December, and shall serve for four (4) years, unless affected by reapportionment. 

3.6 Ex Officio Members

3.6.1 Elected Democratic officials shall serve as ex-officio members of the Committee and have voting rights.

3.7 Dues shall be $35 per year payable at the beginning of the calendar year. Dues will not be prorated. 

Officers and Executive Committee 

4.1. The Committee shall elect officers no later than December 31 of even numbered years, to take office January 1 of the following year, or immediately following the election, whichever is earlier. The new Chair shall immediately upon taking office notify the State Committee Chair and appropriate Congressional District Chair of his/her election. 

4.2. The Committee shall elect from its membership a Chair, at least one Vice-chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Committee may from time to time expand the number of Vice-Chairs. The person receiving the majority of votes for election to an office shall be declared elected. 

4.2.1. FIRST VICE CHAIR: The First Vice Chair shall act as Chair in the absence of the Chair and shall have the authority, powers and duties of the Chair. She/he shall ensure; compliance with the State Party Charter and Bylaws; compliance and updating of County Bylaws; parliamentary procedure in all business conducted by the County Committee; and lead fundraising effort.

VICE CHAIR FOR FIELD ACTIVITIES: Shall be responsible for all outreach to the community in the form of canvassing, recruiting poll watchers, voter registration and contact, phone banking, campaign materials, GOTV, etc. This will include maintaining a strong community presence and increasing the positive visibility of the party. 

VICE CHAIR (WHERE POSSIBLE) FOR CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT AND SUPPORT: Identify opportunities to recruit, develop and assist Democratic candidates for office. 

4.3 Only County Committee members are eligible to vote for officers. 

4.4. Officers shall serve two (2) year terms. 

4.5. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and shall act on behalf of the Committee between Committee meetings. 

Vacancies and Removal 

5.1 All vacancies in County Committee Posts or Officers shall be filled by election by the remaining Committee members, provided at least three (3) such members remain. 

5.2 County Committee members and officers may be removed by the County Committee for cause, with reasonable notice, and with the opportunity to be heard, by a 2/3 vote of the County Committee provided a 40 percent quorum is met. 

5.3 Any person subject to removal shall receive written notice of the alleged reasons for removal. 

5.4 The removal procedure shall be conducted by a subcommittee appointed by the County Committee Chair. Where the Chair is the subject of the removal procedure, the subcommittee shall be appointed by a majority of the other County Committee Officers. 

5.5 The person to be removed shall have the right to be informed of all persons who will be witnesses against him/her and who will testify in support of the charges against him/her, at least ten days before a hearing on said charges before the full County Committee. 

5.6 The person to be removed shall have the right to counsel and to present all witnesses, locuments and arguments in support of his/her position. The subcommittee that has tendered the charges may likewise have counsel and present witnesses, documents, and arguments in support of its position. 

Committee Functions, Records, and Certification 

6.1.1. The Committee shall maintain records of all financial transactions, kept on a calendar year basis, and a list of unpaid obligations. Financial records shall be prepared each year with a report provided to the Committee no later than the first meeting following the end of the organization year. Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Chair and 1st Vice Chair. Reports of financial status will be made at each County Committee meeting. An annual report will be submitted to the State Democratic Party and the State Ethics Commission where required. Minutes will be recorded during each meeting. Each year a financial report shall be provided to the Committee. 

6.2 Three (3) copies of the By-Laws and officer’s names will be delivered to the County Clerk for stamp. One copy will remain with the Clerk, one with the County Party and one will be filed with the State Party. 

Meetings and Voting 

7.1. Regular Meetings.

The Committee shall meet at least quarterly (four times per year). The Committee Chair may call special meetings. Where meetings are not held in a previously designated time and place, all members shall be provided written notice at least 10 days in advance. 

7.2 Emergency Meetings.

Emergency meetings may be called by the Chair upon five (5) days notice. 

7.3. Quorum. 

A quorum for conduct of Committee business shall be 51% of the Members, unless otherwise required in these Bylaws. 

7.4. No person shall be entitled to more than one vote. Secret ballot shall be permissible only when electing Committee members and State Convention Delegates. 

7.5. All meetings of each body of the Committee shall be open to the public unless the Committee votes to go into Executive Session. 

7.6. Unless otherwise provided for, “Robert’s Rules of Order.” most recently revised, shall govern the conduct of all meetings. 


8.1. The Committee shall provide for an Affirmative Action Subcommittee.

8.2 The Chair or the Committee may establish any other committees either deems necessary. (See 4.2) 

General Provisions 

9.1 There shall be no discrimination in the conduct of Committee affairs on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, color, disability, national origin, or age. 

9.2 The Committee and affiliates are prohibited from supporting a Democratic candidate who has opposition during a primary or Democratic opposition during a special election. 

9.3 No Committee member shall use his or her office to support (1) any Democratic candidate in a contested Democratic primary election or (2) any candidate who has Democratic opposition in a special election. 

9.4 No Committee member shall publicly support another candidate other than the Democratic nominee in a General Election. 

9.5 The endorsement of, support of, or contribution to a candidate of another party or to an opponent of the Democratic nominee may result in the expulsion of such person from the Committee. 

9.6 Any contributions by the Committee to a candidate for public office shall be accompanied by a cover letter, which shall state in substance, “This contribution is made on the express condition that, after election, you remain a member of the Democratic Party. Your acceptance and/or use of this contribution is your acknowledgement and contract that should you win election yet at any time prior to the end of your term change parties or leave the Democratic Party, you will repay these amounts.” 

9.7 The Committee shall seek reimbursement of any contribution, whether real or in-kind, made to a candidate who qualifies for office as a Democrat and, after qualification, switches to another party. 

9.8 The Committee may recognize and allow affiliation of such county organizations as it deem appropriate. 


10.1. These Bylaws may be amended at any Committee meeting by a 2/3 vote of those present, provided at least 30 days written notice of said amendments has been provided to all Members. 

It is certified that these By-Laws were adopted by the Peach County Democratic Committee on Monday, August 31, 2009, and said adoption is duly noted in the official minutes of the organization. (Revision March 4, 2013) 

Randy Goss, Chair
Mary Ann van Hartesveldt, Secretary